Monday, 26 May 2014

Create Full Front End Web Site With Wordpress : Wp User Frontend Plugin Review .

Many Time I research Wordpress Plugin
for My Work .Today I will Show One awesome Plugin , You Can Create Fully  Front End
Wordpress Site with this Plugin . if You create Public site or Community site ,
if they want to Create post or mange there profile they need to go back-end ,But with this
Plugin You can Show Every in Front page , just like your theme .also if you want to your user
shouldn't know you use wordpress

Why Should Use This :
if you use your Wordpress Default Back-end dashboard  , That Doesn't Make Brand your Product or your Site . You can see many of user doesn't edit there profile in wordpress . Because user Don't Go back-end , also user can't find many of profile in back-end . More more reason i can give you . That's why i recommended to use this plugin for brand you product or web site.  

<img src="post area .png">
caption : post area in front end Editor

<img src="profile.png "/>
caption : profile area in front end Editor

So let's See Future of WP User Front-end :

<img src="from.png "/>
Build Unlimited Forms
Build unlimited forms. Create as many variations you want, unleash your creativity. Example , Your site about Education.
so there is two type visitor will come # Student #teacher . So you want if any query so will be different query . student
and teacher submit there information in different from .

Custom Post Type Support
WP User Front-end supports custom post types. So you can create any types of posts/pages/custom post types on the fly from the front-end.
example : Your Site have Custom post about your Service or support . you can Select custom post and take information from front end . this just example
for your Better understand . You can make your own with your own idea .

Custom Taxonomy
Add your custom taxonomies to the form. Use them as Dropdown, Multiselect, Checkbox List.

Custom Fields
Create as many custom fields your form needs. Choose your custom fields from our 13 predefined field types. maybe this impotent for every site owner .
in my experience every one want keep there own filed in Profile . So they take information about Web site topic . just simple example your site about football player .
so you want to Know your user which position play . Deface or Mid-flider .

Guest Posting Support
WP User Front-end now supports guest posting. Now your users can post to your site without registering themselves. It has also the feature to auto register the guests
 by their provided name and email address. This system is Great for take review from user .

New or Edit Post Notification
Get notified when a user submits a post, even be notified when he edits his post. You can get all the post information in the mail without checking your site dashboard. Post title, content, excerpt, tags, category, any custom fields are supported in the mail. Awesome, right?

Set Publish/Pending post status after submission
Set your desired post status when a user submits a post. Even you can set the post status when the user edits his post. Maybe set to pending when a user edits his post and you want to moderate? Depends on you!

Image insertion in post content
You/your users love to share image? No problem at all, they can now insert images to the post content on the fly ajax image upload.

Custom Fields in Admin area too!
Did you thought you can only use the custom fields in the front-end? What happens when you want to edit the post from WordPress admin panel? Oh, don't worry, we got you covered. The same custom fields UI is also generated for the admin panel, so you could edit the same way you would in front-end.

Build user profile forms on the fly
Don't like the default WordPress profile edit form? No problem, build your own custom profile form. Add as many fields you need

Different Forms for Different User Role
Every level of users are not same, yes we know that. Assign different profile editor form, different elements for different user roles.

Avatar Upload
Gives the ability to users to upload their own profile pictures. Locally hosted to your WordPress installation. Also it supports avatars from Gravatar, gravatar and locally uploaded avatars works side by side.

Build Your Own Registration Form
Want to register your users with extra sets of information? You can do that with our dynamic form builder. Build your own sets of registration elements as you need.

Different User Role Registration
Create different registration forms for different user roles.

Captcha Support
User registration supports captcha fields to get rid from spammers. WP User Frontend supports two captcha engines, reCaptcha and Really Simple Captcha.

Theme My Login Compatible
Love Theme My Login? We do too. You can override Theme my Login's registration page with your own WP User Front-ends registration page.

List Your Posts
List all your posts in front-end, edit them or delete them. Also see them with their featured image.

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